Who is the head instructor?

Head Instructor : Joe Notebaert

Head Instructor : Joe Notebaert

Joe Notebaert is originally from Phoenix Arizona, USA.   He received his black belt from Cesar Lima approved by Roger gracie in 2017 after 9  1/2  years of training at the Roger Gracie Academy in London, UK.  Joe is a 2X World Champion winning  gold at purple and brown belt in the masters featherweight category in 2013, 2017.  He also won gold in the European Championships in Gi  2013 and No-GI in 2012 purple belt feather weight. . 


The Studio?

Mallorca BJJ is a pure Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu /grappling school consisting of 60sq meters of unobstructed mat space.  Located in El Toro, Calvia. Mallorca.  See Contact us for location details.


What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) ? 

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was made famous in 1993 when BJJ representative Royce Gracie entered a no holds bar (no rules) fight competition tournament in  Colorado USA against all schools of martial arts.  Royce, the smallest of all the competitors, defeated much larger fighters that were trained in karate, boxing, kung fu, muay thai kickboxing, and so called undefeated street fighters.   He won the tournament by taking his opponents down to the ground using various ‘take down’ techniques, followed by a series of techniques  called ‘passing guard’ and ‘taking the back’ which all eventually led to him submitting ‘tapping’ all of his opponents.   If his opponent was much larger and also came from a ground fighting or grappling background he would utilize a series of techniques from his back using ‘the guard’ to sweep or submit his opponents from his back!  This is all documented on youtube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rs1x9AAxA0

With that win, and winning again in the following tournaments (UFC 2 and 3)  many in the martial arts community believed martial arts had made bigger leaps in those 3 years than it had anytime in history.  At that point everyone started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as it was essential. 

It turns out Royce was just one of many brothers in Brazil that used this style of fighting. The history actually goes back to a Japanese man named Mitsuyuo Maeda who left Japan in 1904 to travel the world as a prize fighter essentially taking on all that would fight him using his version of Japanese Jiu jitsu.   The landscape of the time, which preferred boxing as a spectator sport,  was such that he ended up fighting in circus type shows taking on all comers and in 1914 landed in Rio de Janerio Brazil.   Once in Brazil he befriended Luis Franca (a circus owner) and the Gracie Family and from that the martial art evolved into proven self defence system based on real contact. It was the Gracie’s who then evolved the martial arts using even more leverage and technique with the goal  of getting a smaller person to defeat a larger opponent.  The rest is history but please google or wiki for more info as it’s a great story.



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 Brazilian Royce Gracie November 1993 wins no rules fights against all other martial arts using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu