The white belt:

The most important belt in Brazlian Jiu Jitsu is the only one not given to you by your teacher. It's the one you give yourself.   It's the white belt. This is the beginning of your journey into Brazlian Jiu Jitsu.  It's an indication that you are new to the art and everyone is there to help and teach you the basics.   Every master black belt you've ever seen has worn the white belt.

How do I get started?

Easy you just show up to a class.  All adult classes are welcome to beginners.  First class is a free trial class so show up in normal exercise type clothes.  Also, be sure to have your finger and toe nails cut, hair tied back if it's long, and bring a water bottle or cash to buy a bottle at the studio.  If all goes well we have a range of Gi's (Kimono the outfit we wear) to choose from in different sizes and colors for sale.  If you haven't trained in another sport or activity in a while that is ok.  Take it as easy as you can.  Learn the technique of the day and just experience the first day and sit out the sparring no problem. If you want to give sparring a chance the instructor will happily roll with you in a relax manner.  It's about getting your body comfortable.

Sparring? Rolling?

"Rolling" as it's referred is just another word for sparring.   It is the reason why BJJ is the fastest growing martial art in the world.  It's really fun and an excellent work out.  It's like playing chess and getting a workout at the same time.  All your muscles are used and because you have to think time flies and you don't notice how tired you are until after the roll.   Very common for beginners to lose loads of weight in the first 6 months.  Everyone has their weight loss story!

In BJJ we practice with no striking.  That is, no punching or kicking of any kind.  Also, unlike judo we start from the sitting position or from the knees to avoid big falls/throws that cause injury. We stay close to the ground on the mats.    This is another reason BJJ is so popular because although injury does happen, and it is part of training, it greatly reduces serious injury  like taking blows to the head or massive falls that will hurt your back or internal organs.  In time you'll have the chance to learn throws, take downs,  and learn how to fall safely.  But let's get you comfortable with your body first. Let's get your conditioning up too. 


What to expect at your first class

Show up at least 10min before the class starts.  If you can't recognize who the instructor is feel free to ask anyone.  Perhaps send an email in letting us know you're coming.  Here is how the class is structured:

12-15 min warm up

20-30 min of learning/drilling a technique

25-35 min of sparring


Hope to see you soon!!