Please message me your child’s height and I can recommend sizes for you. If anything doesn’t fit it can be exchanged no problem for the next best size.

We get all our Gi’s direct from Tatami. The highest quality grappling clothing on the planet.

Kids Gi’s

Animal Gi’s - €60

Kids 1.PNG
Kids 2.PNG
kids 3.PNG
Merkate black.PNG

Kids Competition Gi’s

Estillo 6.0 - €70

Kids 4.PNG
kids 5.PNG

Kids Rash Guards (grappling shirts great) - €45

alice oz orangatange kids rash.PNG
monster robot rash.PNG
kids rash guards 1.PNG
kids honey badger rash.PNG
kids gorilla rash.PNG
Kids Sau Paulo rash.PNG
Iron Maden gental panda.PNG

Kids Spats/leggings - €25 for basic - €45 for Honey Badger

kids spats.PNG

All Kids shorts €45

kids shorts monster and honey.PNG
kids robot shorts.PNG
kids monstor shorts.PNG