SUP - Stand Up Paddle

SUP full day paddle board rental. We have up to 8 paddle boards we hire for the full day on an adventure based system. Depending on which way the wind is blowing we’ll drop you down the coast about 5 miles to work you way back. You and your group paddle back one way taking stops in the little villages and resorts along the way this way no need to paddle back against the wind to sites you’ve already seen. We’ll give you a map pointing our nice cafes, restaurants, and beach bars and dry box to put your things in. You finish your journey at our local beach in El Toro. We’ll also pick you up and drive you home from if you need a lift especially if you have had any alcohol consumption. Please email the number in your group and we can get you a quote as it will depend on the season and size of the group.

Paddle boards water.PNG