Who would consider private lessons?

  • Begginer student that wants gradual introduction before first open class.
  • Seasoned student looking to solve holes in their game to make it to the podium.
  • Anyone that wants to learn about their options and to build confidence  and make a decision in a street self defence situation. 

First class jitters, try some privates.

Although BJJ is known for it's friendly and fun  atmosphere sometimes jumping into the first class may be intimidating for you.  If that is the case you could consider a block of private lessons. Joe Notebaert teaches these classes and in that time you can prepared to attend your first class with a bit more confidence of what to expect.  I want to give you a few basic moves you can use when it's time to roll. Also, let's focus on some conditioning. 

Let's win some comps!  

Perhaps you have been doing BJJ for a while and you're a competitor that is trying to tie up a few lose ends to your game and you need some special coaching.   Competitions are Joe's specialty (2X World and 2X European champion)  and he'll be glad to share his secrets on making it to the podium.   

Street self defence. Have options.

Perhaps you would like to learn about your options in a self defence situation on the street.   In this private lesson we would concentrate on making good decisions to avoid conflict first at all costs.  When forced to defend yourself we want to make sure that you have the confidence to execute the training you've learned to the best of your ability.   This training will be suited to your abilities.