(see schedule for kids class calendar and costs)

"Speak softly and carry BJJ" (Alteration from Theodore Roosevelt's quote) .   This is the message we want to teach our kids.  Show respect to everyone, be humble and grateful, but always know you have your BJJ should you need to stand up for yourself.

Getting kids into BJJ early is excellent for their development.  It teaches them discipline, respect, self defense and gives them confidence throughout their life.  BJJ is a vehicle for developing their human potential. 

Scorpion Class - ages 5-7/8 - This class is about having fun and learning to be part of the class.  We play lots of games but each game we try and build a technique within in.  We talk a lot about respect and being kind.   We point out that bullies are the weak ones and strong kids are those that can earn the respect of others.   We also want to get kids comfortable with their body by learning how to use their body and brace for a fall.   Lots of tumbling and rolling around. 

Mongoose Class - ages 8/9  to  11/12  - This class we still play games and tumble around but we build in more structure to the class.  We drill more techniques and sparring.  Kids with any belt higher than white are permitted to attend open mat sparring on Saturdays. 

Wolverine Class- 12 - 14/15 - This class is run just like an adult class.  Some of the larger or more confident 14-15 years olds can train in the adult classes. Kids with any belt higher than white are permitted to attend open mat sparring on Saturdays.

**Please send an email to joenotebaert25@gmail.com for the most up to date kids BJJ programs which include costs and schedules.


Twice a year we have a summer and winter BJJ grading party with food, fun, and promotions for those who have worked hard.